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My Approach


"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s perception."

– Anais Nin


YOU ARE UNIQUE! ... therefore, I believe you are the expert on your life and hold the 'key' to providing the best answers and solutions to your own questions.  


My role is to guide and accompany you on a journey where you can freely explore, become aware, accept, change and move forward towards your goals!


I will ask you reflective, clarifying and thought provoking questions, propose techniques and be there to support, educate and motivate you.

Together we will Explore - 

  • Where you are now.

  • Where you want to be.

  • What is stopping you.

  • What steps are needed to reach your goals.


Together, we will close the gap between where you are and where you want to be by working towards what's important to you every week for your entire coaching series!


You'll be more self-aware, more positive and will achieve greater results.


Lifestyle Coaching sessions are scheduled in 5, 10 or 20 Session blocks and for best results are scheduled weekly.  Ultimately, how many sessions you need depend on you and the topic you want to discuss.

The reason sessions are Packaged is that it often takes multiple sessions to get to the bottom of what you really want and to establish the commitment needed to reach your desired goal or goals.  I have also found that Clients like to be coached on a regular and ongoing basis, as it enables them to cope better with day to day challenges or achieve their longer term goals.

Your Sessions will be INSPIRING!


Below is a very brief overview of what you can expect during your coaching journey.

Please note that this is only a guide as individual sessions and packages are customised to YOU and YOUR specific requirements and needs.



We will start out by getting to know each other ... connecting and clarifying exactly what it is you are looking for in life and how coaching can assist you in achieving your goals.



We will talk about your dreams and goals, how they look, feel and sound and how we can make them tangible.


You will become more aware of your current situation, the challenges you are facing and the opportunities that lie ahead.  


Your own 'greatness' will shine through.


Uncover your obstacles and unwanted behaviours.  It is all about letting go, so change can take place.


It is time for accountability, movement and action!  You will start to implement the changes required for you to reach your goals.  

The coaching partnership involves a commitment of time and energy from both you and your Lifestyle Coach.

The decision that you are ready for change and committed to personal success isn’t always an easy one to reach.

Complete the Self Assessment and find out IF YOU ARE READY for Lifestyle Coaching! 

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